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Steel Supply Quote: 0208 842 4855

Steel Fabrication

Steel Fabrication

Steel Fabrication Services

The expert team at B & S Steel Supply are highly experienced in all types of steel fabrication, including construction steel and universal beams, columns and connections, ensuring precision fabrication to exacting standards and the highest quality.

We provide a ‘cut to size’ service for all beams, and support structures using a variety of industry approved methods and innovative equipment, including:

  • Steel and RSJ beams cut and fabricated to your structural and safety requirements
  • Steel columns fabricated to support any load requirements
  • Steel hollow sections and angles for projects that require custom-made support

We also provide precision cut, tailor-made mild connections to ensure your structure fits together perfectly and has the strength to support your load requirements, no matter how unusual your project. These include:

  • Steel end plates for joining columns and beams together
  • Cleats, or brackets, for bolting a beam to the side of an adjacent beam
  • Splice connections for joining individual lengths of column or beam inline
  • Spacers for joining two beams together when there is restricted space

Steel Fabrication Methods

At B & S Steel Supply we use a variety of approved methods of steel fabrication to ensure all the beams, columns and connections we produce have the strength to provide reliable support and safety.

Welds are essential in any steel structure, and as highly experienced welders, you can be sure that the B & S Steel Supply team have the knowledge and skill to properly prepare the surfaces, heat and join them correctly and allow optimum cooling after welding to ensure a strong and secure joint.

Drilling is also required in almost every steel project to provide a means for two pieces of steel to be bolted securely together. We use advanced machinery to ensure precision drilling, with meticulous accuracy and and strict tolerance tests.

We can also provide punching for creating holes using a burst of pressure, although this wouldn’t be suitable for all projects because it can distort the metal and affect its strength, but our team can advise you.

For more information on our steel fabrication services, or to discuss your project with a skilled steel engineer – contact B & S Steel Supply today. We’ll be happy to discuss the most suitable options to get the best results for your project.

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