Steel Suppliers: 0208 842 4855

Steel Suppliers: 0208 842 4855

Aluminium Tubing

Aluminium Tubing

Aluminium Tubing

We supply and manufacture a wide range of quality, standard or bespoke, aluminium tubing to satisfy all manner of applications. Simply contact our customer service team to find out more.

Imperial Round Tube

AlSiMgMn AlMg0,7Si
EN AW-6082 EN AW-6063 6005
HE30 HE9
16G 10G 7G 16G 16G
½”     Yes Yes
5/8″   Yes
¾” Yes    
7/8″     Yes
1″ Yes Yes
1 1/8″  
1¼” Yes Yes Yes
1 3/8″    
1½” Yes Yes
1 29/32″   Yes
2″ Yes Yes
3″ Yes Yes

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